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Restaurant Kamin



Some soft music coming from the piano is filling the air on the terrace and leads your eyes towards the baroque architecture of castle & Park Pillnitz in the evening sunlight. This is the romantic spot you might choose for your dinner. In the dreamlike castle of Pillnitz, which is located 9 km away from Dresden´s city center, you can live elegantly and really enjoy life.

Romantic atmosphere, historical surroundings and an extraordinary cuisine are inclusive. Evening after evening, dinner after dinner, come and experience Saxon tradition with French gastronomic art in a very pleasant and welcoming way. All this can be afforded at an incredibly convenient price. The meal will be accompanied by wine from our excellent wine producer Klaus Zimmerling from Pillniz, as well as international wine.

Our restaurant Kamin opens every evening starting from 6 p.m. except for Sunday. From May till October, we offer our Business-Lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Feel free to book a table by calling the following number. Tel. 0351-26140.


Our restaurant Kamin can be booked separately for more than 30 people, even on Sunday. You will find suitable menu suggestions on the page Company events & Catering.


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