Hotel History

Tradition through centuries

At present the Schloss Hotel is owned by the Zepp family, who with a great care tries to preserve its precious tradition.

Our goal is to make the Schloss Hotel offer you a truly royal of peace and quiet in the former palace of kings and queens. We’ve been striving for perfection since 1998 and hope you will become a part of our history.

And so the story begins...

Pillnitz is first mentioned in the 14th century as a ruler residence and knight mansion. In 1694 the duke John George IV received the Pillnitz estate in exchange for the castle and office Lichtenwalde. When he died, the castle together with the park became property of this brother who would later on become the famous Augustus the Strong.

A fairy-tale history of our Hotel

The baroque castle in Pillnitz was built upon order of the king Augustus II the Strong in 1720, gaining inspiration from the contemporary fascination with the Far East. Until 1918 the palace served as the summer residence for the House of Wettin.

1818 – 1999 in the hotel’s history

At the beginning the today’s hotel was home to bakers and royal kitchen staff as well as the king’s chemists. The facility was leased by many tenants, yet 1975 brought a vast change for the place as it had been taken over and re-built by the GDR.

Finally in 1998 – 1999 the Zepp family became the local host, introduced the last changes and has been running the hotel until the present day.

Christhard // Switzerland //  // September 2016
We spend a few days at the hotel and must confess quite sincerely we couldn't have made a better choice. The location is nice, the room equipment leaves nothing to be desired. The staff were always most eager to help us. The breakfast was fabulous. Our parish wants to recommend this special hotel with all our hearts!
Christhard // Switzerland // // September 2016
Frank B. // HRS  // July 2016
The staff members were so nice, so professional. The castle is like a fairytale one, the buffet breakfast is rich, the car park is free and the location itself is clean, quiet and cosy - a gem!
Frank B. // HRS // July 2016
EPH // Berlin // Expedia  // October 2016
Perfect for tourists visiting Dresden, the Keep or the direct surroundings of the Pillnitz Castle. If you love painting the town red at night, that's sadly not the choice for you, too far away from the Dresden attractions. Yet, it's a very romantic place with lots of biking and walking routes on the Elbe riverbanks. On foot, you can easily get to the cruisne leading you to an old farm house in the Tudor style. Today it's an interesting restaurant with a beer garden.
EPH // Berlin // Expedia // October 2016
Torsten // // October 2016
The location is great, the breakfast and dinner taste like heaven! And you can get to the Dresden centre using the public transport means without any difficulties. What a pity, there's no wellness zone here, though.
Torsten // // October 2016
Andre F.// HRS // December 2016
Impeccable and truly recommendable!
Andre F.// HRS // December 2016
Business guest // // October 2016
Wonderful location, right at the Pillnitz Castle Garden and the Elbe River.
Business guest // // October 2016
Anja //  // June 2016
Such a pleasant welcome, perfectly allocated rooms. The egg dishes served at breakfast were really delicious, lots of choice. The service quality couldn't be higher.
Anja // // June 2016
Wolfgang B. // HRS  // Oktober 2016
A splendid location right at the Elbe bank, in the heart of the Pillnitz Park, which is truly breathtaking. The atmosphere in the hotel is impeccable, the staff members are very friendly, and there is a car park at the hotel if you need it. A tip: If you find a bathtub too inconvenient, you can always ask for a room with a shower cabin, there's no problem with that.
Wolfgang B. // HRS // Oktober 2016

Write another chapter with us

Our hotel is a place where the past meets the present to make a marvellous future together. Our respect for the tradition allows it to survive for the future generations, making this place almost as vivid as it was before. Pay a visit to the Schloss Hotel in Pillnitz Dresden and fall in love!

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